Resource Center

NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center


New Jersey Department of Transportation

Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs

Sheree Davis, Acting Manager, Bureau of Commuter and Mobility Strategies

P.O. Box 600

Trenton, NJ 08625-0600

(609) 530-6551

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Contract Information:

Length of Performance: 2004-2010

Brief Description of Services Provided:

While at Voorhees Transportation Center, Ranjit Walia was Principal Investigator for six years and Peter Bilton was contributing staff for five years to this multi-faceted project that included planning and coordination of statewide conferences, coordination of a statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council, presentation at state and national conferences on bicycle and pedestrian topics, original and best practices research, writing and editing of policy reports, , and management of an information clearinghouse and website. Topic areas have included walkability audits, grade-separated interchange design, municipal sidewalk installation and maintenance, bicycle education, and complete streets.

Education – Provide education and training to stakeholders charged with implementing multi-modal policy objectives so they have a clear understanding of the benefits to be derived from bicycle and pedestrian mobility, are instructed inappropriate technical knowledge and skills, and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.  Examples of educational activities include the development and testing of an experiential community workshop on planning for seniors called “Senior Walkability Workshops” to a statewide program designed to teach and encourage enforcement personnel on pedestrian safety and equity in enforcement called “Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Workshops (PSE)”. Mr. Walia has presented, lectured, and led presentations and workshops at the state and national level over 60 times since 2003 on topics as broad as “How to Carry Out Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operations” to best practices in visioning and community outreach.  A sample of events coordinated by Mr. Walia and Mr. Bilton include:

  • NJ Complete Streets Summit (2010)
  • Common Ground Leadership Seminars – Walkability, Bicycling, Community Trails (2008)
  • Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Workshops (2006-2011)
  • Senior Walkability Workshops (2008-2010)
  • Real Intersection Design Professional Development Workshop (Ocean City-2005)
  • Real Intersection Design Professional Development Workshop (Plainsboro-2004)
  • “Common Ground” Statewide Conference (2004)
  • Pedestrian Safety Roadshow – Atlantic City (2003)
  • Pedestrian Safety Roadshow – New Brunswick (2003)

Technical Research – Provide clarification on legal and technical issues by researching and advising on key policy issuesand by writing summary reports with recommendations that lead to policies that support mobility and equity for balanced multi-modal transportation.  Examples of research include best practice guidance documents, case studies, and policy papers on topics ranging from state of the practice in pedestrian lighting to best practices in developing and managing advisory councils. Example research reports include:

  • NJ Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey (2009-2010)
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Needs at Grade-Separated Interchanges (2008)
  • Local Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Assistance Program Evaluation (2007)
  • Pedestrian Lighting In New Jersey: A Means To Improve Pedestrian Safety (2006)
  • Building a Better BPAC: Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Group Best Practices (2006)
  • Constructing, Maintaining, and Financing Sidewalks in New Jersey (2006)
  • Home Zone Concepts and New Jersey (2004)

Technical Information Resource – Respond to requests for information and technical assistance and publicize and promote center activities.   This activity is primarily accomplished through providing technical advice and presentations to municipalities, counties and interest groups and through facilitating and presenting research findings at national and state conferences. Project staff also led advocacy activities in equity in transportation through the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council. Mr. Walia chaired their legislative and design sub-committees, as well as providing technical legislative research and draft policy language to the NJ legislature for NJ’s “Pedestrian Safety Bill” which was adopted in January 2010.

Information Clearinghouse – Establish and maintain contact with constituents and gather and disseminate information related to bicycle and pedestrian mobility.  Key aspects of this activity include a comprehensive electronic clearinghouse, website, listserv, and newsletter.

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