Pedestrian Safety

NJ Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Program


NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety

Ray Reeve – Senior Highway Safety Specialist

140 East Front Street – 7th Floor

Trenton, NJ 08625-0048


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Contract Information:

Length of Performance: 10/2011 – 9/2012

Brief Description of Services Provided:

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement (PSE) is a valuable tool for improving pedestrian safety and changing the perception by drivers that non-auto users can be ignored on our roadways. It addresses two important contributing factors to pedestrian crashes: driver knowledge of the law and driver yielding behavior. Many drivers are unaware of their legal responsibility to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians at a crosswalk in New Jersey, while other drivers may not yield because as the driver of a large, heavy vehicle, “might makes right,” and the law is infrequently enforced. PSE has been applied nationally in a host of states and is referenced as a key tool in the toolbox of roadway safety. In NJ, PSE has been referenced as one of the key interventions available to enforce and educate the NJ populous on the “stop and stay stopped” for pedestrians in the crosswalk pedestrian safety bill that was passed in 2010.  To those ends, a three prong approach was devised to help promote PSE in New Jersey.

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement (PSE) Roll Call Video

A roll call video will be created to supplement existing PSE training workshops. The film will serve to refresh or educate enforcement personnel on the principles of PSE training, and will reinforce the knowledge gained from training and operations. In addition, this film will enable officers to refresh their knowledge on the principles of PSE without the expense and inconvenience of traveling to a workshop. Examples of topics to be covered in the roll call video will be the importance of pedestrian safety (demonstrated through statistics and interviews), the benefits of a PSE operations, the basic structure of a PSE operation, key operational objectives, and proper enforcement techniques. Details of the film will be arrived at through consultation with DHTS staff and with input from enforcement personnel.

Local Action Pedestrian Safety Roundtable

Identify opportunities to improve the PSE program by convening key stakeholders in the safety and enforcement arena. Evaluate what interventions have proven to be effective at the local level and assess the potential for stakeholder partnerships and additional support for these programs. Pedestrian safety is a common objective at the state, county, and local level, as well as at diverse but interconnected state and federal agencies.  Through the collective effort of these stakeholders, a variety of local interventions have been developed to enhance pedestrian safety.  Often these initiatives start as pilot projects that individual agencies test and evaluate, however, the results of these interventions may not be communicated to partner agencies and other safety stakeholders. A roundtable on this topic will serve to inform stakeholders of effective local efforts, assess the desirability of continuing or promoting these activities, and provide an opportunity to assess the potential for partnering to advance common objectives.

Regional Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Workshops

Plan and conduct two regional PSE training workshops. These workshops will be carried out in coordination with DHTS and relevant stakeholders.  This activity will include coordination of locations and selection of crosswalks for training purposes with DHTS and local police departments.  After selecting locations, field work will be conducted to select crosswalk sites that will be used during the workshop.  Training materials and folders will be printed and brought to the workshops.  “Day of” coordination activities will be carried out and necessary materials will be brought which will include safety vests, cones, measuring wheels or lasers, and all required forms to record field operations.  The three day-long workshops will include both an educational classroom session as well as field operations.

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