Hoboken Transportation

Hoboken Transportation Film, Hoboken, NJ


Department of Transportation and Parking, City of Hoboken

Ian Sacs, Director

94 Washington St

Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 653-1919

Hoboken Transpportation 1 Hoboken Transportation 2

Contract Information:

Length of Performance: 1/2011 – 3/2011                                               Pro bono

Brief Description of Services Provided:

Civic Eye Collaborative worked with the City of Hoboken to produce a nine minute film documenting some of the strategies the City has implemented to reduce the need for automobile ownership, and to enhance and promote access to transit and non-motorized transportation modes. The film features interviews with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, alongside on-the-street interviews with community members about their experiences.

Despite the potential impact of inclement weather on filming during the stormy winter of 2011, the project was completed in time for presentation at the March 2011 NJ Future Redevelopment Forum, and has subsequently been used by the City in public meetings and on the City’s television channel. In addition, the film has been used to educate the public and frame the conversation around sustainable transportation issues at outreach meetings in Jersey City, NJ and Princeton, NJ.

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