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Most Recent Project: Complete Streets

Production of a film to complement a Complete Streets training workshop being produced by Parsons Brinkerhoff for New Jersey Department of Transportation Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs. The film will introduce and educate workshop attendees on the concept of Complete Streets as a policy and a practical approach that will advance equity, mobility, and community livability. The film is designed to “set the table” by communicating visually and graphically, “showing” viewers the costs of “incomplete” streets, and conversely, demonstrating  the benefits of Complete Streets through selected case studies in Complete Streets implementation from New Jersey communities. (more…)

Resource Center Hoboken Transportation Pedestrian Safety
Resource Center 1While at Voorhees Transportation Center, Ranjit Walia was Principal Investigator for six years and Peter Bilton was contributing staff for five years to this multi-faceted project that included planning and coordination of statewide conferences, coordination of a statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council, presentation at state and national conferences on bicycle and pedestrian topics, original and best practices research, writing and editing of policy reports, , and management of an information clearinghouse and website. (more…) Hoboken Transportation 2Civic Eye Collaborative worked with the City of Hoboken to produce a nine minute film documenting some of the strategies the City has implemented to reduce the need for automobile ownership, and to enhance and promote access to transit and non-motorized transportation modes. The film features interviews with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, alongside on-the-street interviews with community members about their experiences. Pedestrian Safety 1Pedestrian Safety Enforcement (PSE) is a valuable tool for improving pedestrian safety and changing the perception by drivers that non-auto users can be ignored on our roadways. It addresses two important contributing factors to pedestrian crashes: driver knowledge of the law and driver yielding behavior. Many drivers are unaware of their legal responsibility to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians at a crosswalk in New Jersey, while other drivers may not yield because as the driver of a large, heavy vehicle, “might makes right,” and the law is infrequently enforced. (more…)
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